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September 03, 2009


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Margo McLoughlin

Thank you, Heather, for sharing your story of Murray's generosity and how that led to the creation of new friendships. That is exactly what I'm hoping for on this site - that people will share their stories of connection.

Heather Kennedy-MacNeill

What a lovely story Margo! And I love the title! Murray, my husband, is a true extrovert and although we hardly ever use taxis, he always connects with cab drivers (was one himself a few summers) and I love hearing the stories and conversation. Travelling with him is always a treat. Crossing on a ferry from Turkey to Greece, he used his last Turkish currency to buy a big box of Turkish delight which he then shared with ALL of the passengers on the ferry, just chatting despite language difficulties. Was it surprising that when we arrived in Greece, late at night with no place to stay and him with his broken leg and walking cast, some of our new friends arranged for a great hotel, negotiated a very good deal, and sent a motorcycle with side car to pick us up?! Yes, as Dr. Irv Theil once said to me when I was worried about my daughter who was very sick in Morocco, 'the world will take care of her' and he was right!

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